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The 2008 CIC Center for Library Initiatives conference will focus on the theme of
e-Science. This conference will explore the role of collaboration in the research university, drawing on speakers from industry (Microsoft), government agencies (NIH, IMLS), scientific labs (National Virtual Observatory), and the academy (Cornell, Emory, and CIC member institutions).  The 2006 NSF report on Science and Engineering Indicators documented that collaboration in science research is becoming more commonplace. That report stated that 20% of the world's scientific and technical articles in 2003 had authors from two or more countries, compared with 8% in 1988. One-quarter of articles with U.S. authors have one or more international coauthors.

The impact of this shift in science research has also directly impacted the way that academic libraries provide services in support of the research process and collect and organize scientific information. Conference participants will explore new roles for librarians and the skills needed for science librarianship in research universities. The conversation about these roles will draw heavily on the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) report on Library Support for E-Science.